Animal Communicators and "Kissing a Rhino"

The biggest misconception that people have concerning animal communicators is that they believe animal communication is a gift for a select few.  The truth of the matter is that everyone can communicate with animals.  Yes, EVERYONE!  Although there are animal communicators who have natural talent and ability, animal communication is a skill that anyone can learn.  Much like learning to sing or dance, some people are naturals and the rest of us have to work at it!

A wise friend once asked me, "If you can communicate with animals, then why can't you kiss a rhino"?  I contemplated this question for a long time.  Eventually, I grew to understand and can now answer the question.  Animal communicators use the language of telepathy.  Telepathy is defined as feeling over a distance.  This makes it possible to communicate with an animal remotely, with or without a photograph.  If you take an Animal Communication workshop, it will assist you in beginning to understand how to use telepathy to communicate with animals, but it won't get you a "kiss from a rhino".  

There are three fascinating people who know the secret to "kissing a rhino" and who went the distance.  All three have written about their experiences.  Kevin Richardson, author of Part of the Pride:  My Life Among the Big Cats of Africa.   Kevin shares an almost unbelievable relationship with lions.  There is a Youtube of Kevin entering into the water and calling a lioness to him.  It is amazing to see the lioness respond to Kevin's request to come.  She swims out to him (lions don't like water) putting her large paws on his shoulders.  The bond is undeniable.  Kevin Richardson shares an almost unbelievable relationship with lions.

 Another gifted communicator is Carolyn Resnick, author of Naked Liberty.  

           Carolyn Resnick

           Carolyn Resnick

As a young teenager, Carolyn spent her summers living and studying wild horses and their herd behavior.  Carolyn struggled through trial and error to be accepted into a herd of wild horses.  She discovered a way to bond with a horse of the lowest rank and worked her way up the pecking order.  Ultimately Carolyn developed a bond with the lead mare of the herd who invited Carolyn to ride on her back, carrying her down into the wild herd.  I have had the privilege of working with Carolyn and watching her interact with horses.  It is most certainly a jaw dropping experience.  As a certified clinician of Carolyn's, I am honored to teach Carolyn's method with horses.  

       Kevin Richardson

       Kevin Richardson

The elephant whisperer.jpeg

The late Lawrence Anthony, formally known as the Elephant Whisperer, took on a dangerous herd of wild elephants even though he had no previous experience with elephants.  The bond he achieved with them was also undeniable.  After Lawrence suddenly died of a heart attack, within 12 hours of his death, two herds of elephants came and ceremoniously mourned their loss for two days at his home.  Some of the elephants had never met Lawrence.  

What do these three individuals have that makes them so connected with animals?   What is their secret?  How were they able to kiss lions, wild horses, and elephants?  Having read their books, I was struck by the one thing they all have in common---they all shared time with the given species, not in an attempt to train them, but to bond with them.   In having a bond as the foundation for the relationship, telepathy comes naturally.  Each of these extraordinary animal whisperers asked nothing of the animals until they felt the bond was formed and initiated by the animals.  Taking the time to allow the animals to accept them, no matter how long it took, was the key to their remarkable success with animals.  While they spent time waiting for the animals to accept them, each keenly observed the behavior of the species which empowered them with the understanding of body language and its meaning.  Each communicator found something in their amazing bond with the animals that was also very natural and healing to them.  There are many similarities among Kevin, Carolyn, and Lawrence.  In addition to their deep love for the animals, they have the ability to see the connection with all life.  For those who have a desire and longing for unity and connection with all animals, I would like to share this video from the late Lawrence Anthony that will guide you on your path to "kissing a rhino" and coming home to your own true nature.  I offer this to you from my heart. 

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